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UPS Batteries & Inverter Batteries

We offer UPS / Inverter Batteries for home & commercial usage which are optimally designed for long & frequent power cuts. If you want to run electric devices and appliances during long power cuts, these batteries are a perfect choice. We offer the most extensive types of Batteries for home & commercial usage.

Gel Batteries - These batteries offer zero spillage risk, as it requires no top-up or maintenance. The Gel Range of Batteries guarantee more & consistent power throughout its service life. These batteries are Maintenance-free with long life.

Tubular Range – These Tubular Inverter batteries offer complete satisfaction during power cuts. This Batteries come in abrasion-resistant, leak-proof tower type polypropylene container with more electrolyte, which ensures lower maintenance & better safety. These batteries are specially built in a way which ensures faster charging after every discharge.

Application – UPS, Inverter, Solar, Telecommunication, Railway