Electrical Products

Fans - We offer wide range of Fans including Exquisite, to fans especially designed for kids, to Dual color fans. Fans with innovative designs and excellent finishes. Be it a Wall fan, Ceiling fan, Table fan, an Exhaust fan, the entire range is built to give optimum results and is long lasting. Match the fans with your furniture, walls, curtains etc. and find relevant options for your living room, bedroom, dining, offices, shops etc

LED Bulbs - We offer you a wide range of LED bulbs that are energy-efficient, affordable & are superior in quality. These bulbs are here to satisfy all your lighting needs. They are immensely durable and have a long-lasting life. We also offer super-high watt bulbs for outdoor lighting needs.

Switches – The Modular Switches we offer comes with a variety of beautiful Colors, textures & finishes that virtually blends with any home decor.

  1. 1 - Fans
  2. 2 - LED Bulbs & Lightings
  3. 3 - Wires & Cables
  4. 4 - Switches
  5. 5 - Plugs & Sockets